Announcement - Share Buy Back Program

INTRALOT S.A. announces, according to article 49, Law 4548/2018, article 4,1,4,2 of the regulation of ATHEX and based on the resolution of the Shareholder’s Ordinary General Meeting which took place on the 29.05.2020, that a shares buy – back  program by the Company of up to 10% of its paid share capital, taking into account the shares which have been acquired and held by the Company (in the amount of 9,200,033 shares as of today, that is 5.861% of its share capital), for a period of 24 months with effect from 29.05.2020 and until 29.05.2022, with a minimum price of €0,30 and maximum price of €12, is approved. It is approved also that the own shares which will eventually be acquired may be distributed to its personnel and/or to the personnel of Company’s affiliates and/or to be kept for future acquisition of shares in another company.