Appointment of Market Maker

The company “INTRALOT S.A. – INTEGRATED LOTTERY SYSTEMS AND SERVICES” (hereinafter the “Company”) announces that the Listings and Market Operation Committee of ATHEX, by means of its decision dated December 14th, 2017 approved the appointment of “EUROBANK EQUITIES INVESTMENT FIRM S.A.” as a Market Maker of the Company's shares for the purpose of improving their liquidity and set Monday, December 18th 2017 as the starting date. The Company, based on the stipulations of the Athens Exchange Regulation, has signed a market making agreement with EUROBANK EQUITIES INVESTMENT FIRM S.A. with the following basic terms:

1. EUROBANK EQUITIES INVESTMENT FIRM S.A. will transmit to the Trading System of the ATHEX market making orders (namely simultaneous buy and sell orders) for its own account on the Company's shares, in accordance with the specific provisions in the Law. For this service, the Company will pay a fee to EUROBANK EQUITIES INVESTMENT FIRM S.A.

2. The market making agreement has duration of one (1) year commencing from the start date of market making of the share of the Company.