Athens, Greece

 The INTRACOM Group of companies, of which INTRALOT is a member, has recently founded the non-profit Research and Education Society in Information Technologies (RESIT) Corporation. The society is dedicated to the promotion and the development of Science, Technology, Research and Education and to the furthering of all forms of specialized knowledge in the fields of Telecommunications and Information Technology. A board of seven administrators heads the Society and its initial capital amounts to three million (3,000,000) Euro.


The INTRACOM Group has also founded the Athens Information Technology (AIT) Corporation, which will operate within the RESIT Corporation with the legal status of a laboratory of liberal studies. The AIT will offer programs of postgraduate studies and conduct scientific research in the fields of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Integrated Systems.


The AIT has already succeeded in signing a collaboration agreement with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, USA. Carnegie Mellon is one of the leading academic institutions internationally in the Technology sector. According to a recent research of the US News & World Report magazine, the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the CMU is ranked first in the United States in the field of Computer Engineering (postgraduate studies and research).


Based on this agreement, the AIT will offer a four semester postgraduate program culminating in a Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN) degree granted directly by the Carnegie Mellon University. This is the first degree of the CMU offered in Europe.


Between 30 and 50 top-level graduates of universities and higher technical education institutions, from Greece and from Southeastern Europe, will attend the program under the supersivion of CMU and AIT professors, in strict compliance with the rules of operation and the quality standards of the Carnegie Mellon University. Key criteria for the selection of students will be student undergraduate grade point average and proficient command of the English language. The program is scheduled to begin in September 2002.


We are proud of our effort to create of the AIT Corporation and proud of this cooperation with a university institution as prestigious as Carnegie Mellon said Sokratis Kokkalis, CEO of INTRACOM and Chairman of INTRALOT. Our goal is to turn AIT into an international research and education hub in the fields of software engineering, electronics and telecommunications. Today, we invest to further develop our region's human capital and to help ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the generations to come.


According to Jared L. Cohon, President of Carnegie Mellon, this is an example of how our university teams up with industry and education institutions across the globe to address important social, scientific and economic issues.


Through this new non-profit endeavor, the INTRACOM Group aims to contribute to community development. The INTRACOM Group will offer a significant number of scholarships, which will cover the total expenses of the majority or even of all students accepted to AIT programs.Graduates will be offered the opportunity to work in the Group’s companies. A significant percentage of AIT's operational costs will be subsidized and sponsored by INTRACOM Group.