Harvard University, the oldest and most prestigious academic institution in U.S.A, started a summer program for the year 2002 in Greece. It is organized in collaboration with the Olympic Center for Hellenic Studies, with the support of Kokkalis Foundation. Harvard Olympia Summer Program is one of the three selective educational events, outside U.S.A and a course of this magnitude will take place in Greece for the first time.

The opening ceremony of Summer Program was held in Ancient Olympia, last week and it was honoured by the presence of the U.S Ambassador Mr. Thomas Miller, the Greek Minister of Education Mr. Petros Efthimiou, the Dean of the University of Patras Mr. Nikolaos Zoubos and many prominent guests from arts, science and education.

Harvard Summer Program is an intensive 5-week course in comparative cultural studies, and it will integrate with multinational cultures. This diverse course through an open-minded approach will promote cross-cultural understanding. Harvard Professors Marc Shell and Gregory Nagy and a group of distinguished junior faculty will conduct the program.

The selection of Olympia was based on the importance of this location as a symbol of World Peace and Friendship. Ancient Olympia was the birthplace of Olympic Games and constituted a pioneer for ideas interaction and ideals exaltation among civilizations.

Kokkalis Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Socrates Kokkalis, Chairman of INTRALOT, which aims to facilitate the development of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous South Eastern Europe. Toward this end, Kokkalis Foundation supports an integrated network of educational, research and outreach activities that connect senior policy-makers, scholars and students, prepare leaders for public service through fellowships at the Harvard University and fosters original approaches in confronting complex public policy problems.