A special event, organized by INTRALOT and Polla Chilena de Beneficencia took place on the 17th of December 2002 at the historical “Castillo Hidalgo”, where the city of Santiago was found. The event was realized on the occasion of the start up of INTRALOT’ s on-line system in Chile in August of 2002. The event attended many politicians and government representatives, members of the Parliament, the ex- President of the Chilean Republic Mr. Patricio Aylwin, ambassadors, businessmen, Chilean journalists, as well as, top level executives of State Organizations from Europe and Latin American countries.

The event started with the speech of Mr. Sergio Henriquez Diaz , President of Polla Chilena. He mentioned that the cooperation of INTRALOT and Polla is the outcome of an international tender, whereas INTRALOT’s proposal was the most competitive and attractive financially and technically. Mr. Henriquez emphasized that “all of us made a great effort in replacing promptly the old system with the new one, which is one of the most sophisticated and modern systems in the world. This big bang was realized smoothly, without causing any problem to the customers or the sales network. Now, the challenge for us is to use effectively INTRALOT’ s extensive know- how and experience in organizing and operating lottery games”.

Following, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, CEO of INTRALOT thanked Polla Chilena for the trust and confidence that the organization showed to INTRALOT. “Chile has political and economic stability and offers an excellent entrepreneurship environment for international companies to expand their activities. For this reason, we chose this country to be the center of our business expansion in Latin America”. Also, he mentioned that “Polla Chilena constitutes a lottery organization with capable and perceptive executives, which could play a leading role in the technological innovations, as well as in the launch of new generation games.”

Finally, Mr. Ed Stanek Senior Vice President of WLA, mentioned that since technology continues to develop it is more than imperative for the organizations to have advanced technology. “The lottery sector is a specialized business that requires skills in data communications and date processing. Lotteries need to work with proven performers like INTRALOT, so that the lottery business is one of selling chances and not taking chances. I congratulate Polla Chilena for its advances in keeping pace in the ever-changing lottery world. I congratulate INTRALOT for winning the confidence of Polla Chilena as a partner in modernization”.

The 400 guests had the opportunity, during the event to participate in the Lotto draw, which was transmitted by the Chilean TV. Also, the guests had the opportunity to enjoy Mrs. Andrea Tessa one of the most famous singers in Chile in traditional and international songs.

It’s worth reminding that in October 2001, INTRALOT signed an agreement with the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia for the supply, installation and support of an integrated on-line gaming system.



INTRALOT is engaged in the development of integrated gaming systems and provides multiple services related to the design, development, operation and support of games. Based on its extensive know how, advanced product development specifications and substantial experience in organizing and operating lottery games, INTRALOT can offer its clients custom-made integrated solutions, which ensure maximum efficiency and absolute security. Following a highly successful period of rapid growth, INTRALOT is ranked 3rd in revenues and 2nd in profits, based on 2001 financial results, among lottery suppliers worldwide, and maintains a steady course towards the leading position in the global market. Today the company has secured an important position in the European and South American markets while is expanding its presence in North America and S.E. Asia.