INTRALOT Announces the Recomposition of its Board of Directors into a Body Upon a Resignation of a Non-Executive Member

INTRALOT announces that during the session of its Board of Directors dated January 18, 2021 it was decided its recomposition into a Body as follows:


  1. Sokratis P. Kokkalis, Chairman and CEO, Executive member
  2. Constantinos G. Antonopoulos, Vice- Chairman, Non-Executive member
  3. Chrysostomos D. Sfatos, Deputy CEO, Executive member
  4. Nikolaos I. Nikolakopoulos, Deputy CEO, Executive member
  5. Fotis L. Konstantellos, Deputy CEO, Executive member
  6. Alexandros-Stergios N. Manos, Non-Executive member
  7. Ioannis K. Tsoumas, Independent Non-Executive member
  8. Anastasios M. Tsoufis, Independent Non-Executive member
  9. Ioannis P. Tsoukaridis, Independent Non-Executive member


The above recomposition of the Board of Directors took place following the resignation of Mr. Christos Dimitriadis from his duties as a non-executive member of the Board of Directors. The other members of the Board of Directors continue the management and representation of the company without the replacement of the resigned member according to par. 2 of article 82 of Law 4548/2018 and in accordance with the relevant provision of the Company's Articles of Association. It is noted that the provisions of article 3 of Law 3016/2002 regarding the number of non-executive and independent members of the Board of Directors are still being met.

The Board of Directors of INTRALOT has been elected by the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders with a six-year term, as from 17.12.2020.