INTRALOT announces the successful expansion of its GAMEZ-ON patent-pending Gaming Platform with the InstantMobileGames framework, specifically designed for the Lottery Industry. GAMEZ-ON, a paradigm-shift in gaming,launched earlier this year and demonstrated in February at the London 2013 ICE Conference, was very well received by the lottery industry. GAMEZ-ON establishes an open, collaborative gaming ecosystem empowering individuals and third parties to play, create and share new games and game ideas at all gaming verticals. The InstantMobileGames framework capitalizes on HTML5 Mobile development framework to bring Instant Win and e-Scratch playing experiences into a cross-platform and device-optimized model, available through iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets.

INTRALOT through GAMEZ-ON provides game developers a friendly environment to join forces, collaborate, build and exchange game ideas and game components in a true, multi-user environment. INTRALOT offers them the necessary infrastructure, including the Games Ecosphere components,as these relate to the design, the mechanics, and the delivery method that surround the game itself, the Nefos Cloud technologies, as well as services and coordination, to increase their creativity and enable them to focus on innovative game mechanics and gaming flows. GAMEZ-ON thus allows Lotteries to get in touch with gamers and game developers, un-tapping the social, user-generated innovation potential, and also to gain access to true multiplatform games that cater for the diversity of their terminal devices inclusive of traditional lottery terminals, gaming machines, desktop internet devices and smartphones/tablets. 

“With GAMEZ-ON we aim to foster innovation and allow the talent of the best of human capital worldwide to bloom. This new cooperative model is based on the most pioneer technologies of INTRALOT, “Games Ecosphere” and “Nefos” Cloud, and is fully integrated in INTRALOT’s central system LOTOS™ O/S. GAMEZ-ON provides Lotteries with the most advanced gaming content exploiting new distribution channels, such as smartphones and tablets. The first series of InstantMobileGames attracted 3rd party developers in the framework of the Gi-Cluster, which INTRALOT initiated in 2011, and were showcased at the June 2013 European Lotteries Congress in Tel Aviv”, stated Mr. George Zenzefilis, General Director of INTRALOT Interactive.


INTRALOT, a public listed company, is the leading supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content, sports betting management and interactive gaming services to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide. Its broad portfolio of products & services, its know-how of Lottery, Betting, Racing & Video Lottery operations and its leading-edge technology, give INTRALOT a competitive advantage, which contributes directly to customers’ efficiency, profitability and growth. With presence in 56 jurisdictions, more than 5.500 people andrevenues of €1.4 billion for 2012, INTRALOT has established its presence on all 5 continents.

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