INTRALOT’s subsidiary in Peru, INTRALOT de Peru, demonstrating its commitment to Social Responsibility initiatives, has decided to participate in the non-profit organisation ‘UNITED WAY’ fund-raising endeavour, aiming to support Peruvian nursery education and improve the education standards in underprivileged areas. INTRALOT’s participation will be supported by its employees’ voluntary contributions that will be added to the amounts granted to the cause by the Company.

“We know there is need, we see it every day. We can do more, but more importantly, we want to do more; and in an effort to extend our contribution and extend our CSR role, we have engaged our company into a partnership with the international alliance ‘UNITED WAY’ to assist them in improving the quality of education facilities for children up to five years old”, stated the CEO of INTRALOT de Peru, Mr. Evangelos Apostolakopoulos” and he added, “For each sol donated by our employees, INTRALOT de Peru will contribute with another one.”

INTRALOT Group is committed to operating its business in a responsible manner. Within this framework it has established the social program ‘INTRALOT - We care a lot’ that focuses on supporting initiatives for health and public welfare, the advancement of education, the conservation of cultural heritage and the sustainability of our planet.

In Peru, INTRALOT has been actively exercising its corporate social responsibility role for many years in an indirect way through the contribution of a percentage of sales toward the charities working with, totaling 90 million soles till now; and in a direct way with an annual donation plan to help altruistic causes and communities in need.

‘UNITED WAY’, founded in 2002 and present in more than 45 countries, is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the education standards in poor and underprivileged areas.


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