INTRALOT announces that in partnership with the “Corallia Clusters Initiative” targets the development of a dynamic, technology-oriented Gaming Innovation Cluster, based in Greece, and introduces a framework of cooperation with the highly skilled human capital of the sector.

Investing on the cluster business model, INTRALOT proves once again its pioneering position in the gaming sector, actively supporting innovation and collaboration with dynamic new entities and highly skilled engineering capital. Through this multilateral partnership, INTRALOT is looking forward to introducing to the gaming sector innovative technological solutions, pioneering gaming content and new gaming technologies.

“Our strategic commitment in the development of the Gaming Innovation Cluster, is aligned with the clear strategy and vision of our company, to always embrace the best of human capital, to collaboratively design state-of-the-art products and services to the benefit of the international gaming industry, while at the same time acting to the support of the Greek Economy, and creating valuable and highly skilled job positions”, underlined INTRALOT Group CEO, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos.

Prof. Vassilios Makios, General Director of Corallia, stated: ”I am very pleased that one of the largest and most successful Greek multinational companies is looking ahead and is actively supporting innovation initiatives that, I believe, are the driving force towards sustainable growth. Especially, under the current circumstances, partnership under the auspice of a cluster can and should become a growth vehicle, creating a strong vision and confidence to all stakeholders. INTRALOT is a bright example of how a company with systematic work, strategic planning and export orientation proves to be a success story to follow. I believe that INTRALOT will become a point of reference for all the development and partnership endeavors of the cluster, but also a case study for other business sectors as well.”

Corallia Clusters Initiative

Corallia Clusters is the first Greek initiative that organizes and develops innovation clusters in Greece, aiming at creating integrated productive and innovative eco-systems. Corallia portrays the mutual vision of all innovation ecosystem actors, including industry, academia, research labs, VCs, business angels and regional and central government, among others.
Innovation Clusters are "groupings” of independent undertakings, complementarities and cooperation between competitive companies, operating in a particular technological/scientific sector and region, connected to added-value chains, promoting intensive interactions, sharing of knowledge, expertise and best practices, having common suppliers/vendors or/and customers/clients, sharing of facilities and services and having real competitive advantage in a global level.



INTRALOT, a public listed company, is the leading supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content, sports betting management and interactive gaming services to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide. Its broad portfolio of products & services, its know-how of Lottery, Betting, Racing & Video Lottery operations and its leading-edge technology, give INTRALOT a competitive advantage which contributes directly to customers’ efficiency, profitability and growth. With presence in more than 53 countries, with approximately 5.400 people and revenues of €1.1 billion for 2010, INTRALOT has established its presence on all 5 continents.


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