INTRALOT’s subsidiary in Turkey, INTELTEK, has prevailed in the tender process procured by the Turkish State Organization Spor Toto, for the operation and technical supply of the successful and extremely popular sports betting game Iddaa in Turkey for a period of 10 years.

Following a successful introduction in the Turkish gaming market of Iddaa which led the game to penetrate successfully the local market and brought its brand awareness in excess of 90% following heavy investments in advertising and promotion, the game is now ready to enter a new era of growth. The more liberal contractual framework of the new agreement includes the expansion of the sales network from 4,000 POS currently to 7,000 (of which 1,000 will be mobile POS that will contribute to a push market strategy), an increased winner’s payout structure and the inclusion of all sports games as opposed to only football events up to now. Moreover, a very flexible risk management scheme, under which the game’s payout will be balanced at the end of the contract term, together with the game’s dynamic growth as 2008 wagers are expected to post a 30% increase, are expected to contribute to the game’s significant growth and further success over the next years.

The new framework of operation that offers great potential for diversification of the current game and enrichment of its options, in addition to the project’s long duration of 10 years, is expected to render this a high value project for the Company that will have significant long-term contribution to its results.

INTRALOT S.A. CEO, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, stated: “We are pleased to continue our successful cooperation with Spor Toto. Together we have made Iddaa an exemplary game throughout the gaming sector worldwide. Our established presence in the country following significant investments over the past few years are key factors to make this a profitable project from day one, a profitability that will increase as the game grows significantly over time.

Our operations will continue to benefit the Turkish state and all the stakeholders and we are poised to take the game Iddaa to new highs, offering to the Turkish people the opportunity to enjoy sports in a new exciting way.”



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