INTRALOT signed a six-year contract with the National Lottery Organization of FYROM regarding the organization, operation and management of fixed-odds betting games. The services that INTRALOT will provide include the selection of athletic events to be included in the betting program offered to players, the setting of odds, the monitoring of transactions on a real-time basis and the management of risk in order for the game to operate effectively and profitably.


The contract will be executed by INTRALOT in cooperation with Betting Company, the Group’s specialized company in organizing fixed odds betting games, which is the largest betting game organizer on a global basis. The company’s remuneration will be mainly a percentage of sales.


The pilot testing phase of operations will begin within the second quarter of 2005 and punters could play the game throughout the organization’s 220 points of sale.

It is worth noting that the cooperation between INTRALOT and Lotarija na Makedonija started in 2003 with the provision of an integrated on-line system for lottery and instant ticket games, while the cooperation is expected to expand by introducing new games and by expanding the organization’s sales network.