INTRALOT announces that following an international tender process procured by OPAP S.A. it has signed i) a contract for the implementation of the new central system (implementation contract) and ii) a contract for the support, maintenance and evolution of the new central system (service agreement) with a total duration of five (5) years. In parallel, once the new central system contract commences, the agreement signed for the provision of the maintenance and technological support services of OPAP agencies’ infrastructure will be activated. The duration of this agreement is for two (2) years with three (3) one-year renewals option. INTRALOT has also signed an extension to its current contract with OPAP S.A. until the commencement of the new system.

The implementation contract includes the commissioning and installation of the infrastructure, the software implementation/installation and all the necessary implementation services, so the new central system commence live operations and user licenses for Greece and Cyprus. Project implementation timeframe is agreed at seven (7) months. The services agreement covers the provision of Support and Maintenance of Hardware and System Software, the Operational Support and the Business Enhancement. The contract has total duration of five (5) years and expires on 31/7/2018. The combined value of the implementation contract and the services agreement contract is €101.0 million, whereas the value of the agreement for the provision of the maintenance and technological support services of OPAP agencies’ infrastructure is a total of €46 million for the first two years declining by €1 million per annum for each subsequent annual extension.


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