INTRALOT Australia has sold its first $1 million top prize scratchie ticket in Victoria.

The winning ticket was claimed this week by a Melbourne woman who wished to remain anonymous.

The ticket was bought at Hotham Hill Post & Lotto, where operator John Lau was unaware until yesterday that his shop was the lucky agency to have sold the winning scratchie.

INTRALOT Australia chief executive Leo Watling said the winner knew immediately she had scratched the top prize.

“After scratching off the ‘golden numbers’ panel to reveal her lucky numbers the player matched the first number she scratched off on the ‘your numbers’ panel which revealed the $1 million prize,” Mr Watling said.

“Our first $1 million dollar scratchie game has proved to be a great success with sales at an all time high.

“This game offers the best odds to win $1 million dollars in Australia.

“With 300,000 tickets printed, players had a one in three hundred thousand chance of winning the top prize.

The success of this ticket has already led to INTRALOT launching its second $1 million scratchie into the Victoria and Tasmania marketplace.

“Demand for this ticket has grown steadily, particularly for those wanting to give an INTRALOT Lucky Scratchie on gift occasions,” Mr Watling said.

“At $20 a ticket, who wouldn’t want to give mum a chance of winning $1 million for Mother’s Day?” he said.

Mr Watling said INTRALOT has paid out approximately $94 million in prizes since launching its scratchie tickets in mid-2008.

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