INTRALOT’s ‘La Tinka’, the first online lottery in Peru, celebrated its 16th anniversary, the high point of which was marked by the 107th jackpot winner, who won 7.250.000 soles. The lucky winner was the third jackpot winner in the historyof thegame to come from the city of Pisco. During the celebration 20 more lucky winners shared prizes of 1.130.019,66 soles.

La Tinka is considered one of the 10 most popular and highly appreciated Peruvian brands. During its 16 years of operation, the game has changed the lives of thousands of Peruvians offering more than 432 million soles in prizes, and becoming an icon in the gaming history of Peru. The evolution of the game has been remarkable:  from its first jackpot of 100.000 soles, La Tinka now offers jackpots starting at 1.500.000 soles, an amount that is continuously on the increase.   Since its inception, INTRALOT de Peru has established over 2.000 points of sale, known as “Lucky Points”, throughout the country.

Mr. Vangelis Apostolakopoulos, Managing Director of INTRALOT de Peru, stated: “INTRALOT de Peru has created games that offer to the Peruvian people excitement, entertainment and numerous prizes. We are very pleased to see the players having embraced La Tinka, as it is a game that can make people’s dreams come true.