National Lottery Operator Gidani has announced that LOTTO, LOTTO Plus, PowerBall and Sportstake players can now play their favourite games via its official online and sms channels.

Gidani spokesperson Thembi Tulwana said the National Lottery Operator had identified the need to create its own online platform where players would be guaranteed an authentic and secure playing experience without the involvement of an intermediary.

The interactive channels provide players with the added convenience of playing the games in private and from anywhere, thus saving them time on travelling and waiting in queues.

“The launch of these two innovative channels forms part of our drive to continually provide flexibility and security of play, while also introducing fresh and imaginative forms of play.

 “As the licensee of the National Lottery, we are proud to introduce an initiative that is in keeping with our regulatory requirements of being on par with international gaming trends where technology is at the forefront of innovation,” said Tulwana.

She said the channels would assist the National Lottery in maximising money raised for Good Causes.


Online and sms play have become a norm globally as the channels offer additional value for players in terms of convenience and security.

 “Because no tickets are issued, there is no risk of tickets getting lost, stolen, damaged or being tampered with. Players also have access to computer records of their transactions,” said Tulwana.

Players can register at using their ID numbers in order for them to be assigned a profile and a virtual wallet from which to conduct their transactions. They will be able to pre-pay an amount of money into the wallet and draw against that amount when they send a play instruction. The entry price for each board is R3.50 and the method of play remains the same, i.e. choosing your own numbers or using the Quick Pick option.

Only people who are above the age of 18 can play.

Winners are notified of their winnings through sms and winnings up to R50 000 are automatically deposited into the player’s virtual wallet. Players can opt to leave the prize money in the wallet or have it deposited into their bank accounts.

However, any payments in excess of R50 000 still have to be claimed at the National Lottery offices countrywide.