Notification for Election of a New Board of Directors


INTRALOT announces that, during the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company dated 17 December 2020, a new Board of Directors of the Company having a term of six years as from 17 December 2020 was elected and its independent members were nominated.

The new Board of Directors is consisted by:

  1. Sokratis Kokkalis son of Petros,
  2. Constantinos Antonopoulos son of Georgios,
  3. Chrysostomos Sfatos son of Dimitrios,
  4. Nikolaos Nikolakopoulos son of Ilias,
  5. Fotis Konstantellos son of Lampros,
  6. Christos Dimitriadis son of Konstantinos,
  7. Alexandros-Stergios Manos son of Nikolaos,
  8. Anastasios Tsoufis son of Miltiadis,
  9. Ioannis Tsoukaridis son of Petros and
  10. Ioannis Tsoumas son of Konstantinos.


Independent members of the Board of Directors were nominated Messrs:

  1. Ioannis Tsoumas son of Konstantinos,
  2. Anastasios Tsoufis son of Miltiadis, and
  3. Ioannis Tsoukaridis son of Petros.


A new Audit & Compliance Committee was also elected, pursuant the L.4419/2017, that will be constituted by the independent members of the Board of Directors Messrs. Ioannis Tsoumas, Anastasios Tsoufis and Ioannis Tsoukaridis. The Audit & Compliance Committee appointed Mr. Ioannis Tsoumas as its Chairman as he meets the criteria provided in paragraph 1 of art. 44 of L.4449/2017.

Its term in office be equal to the term in office of the Board of Directors.



The Board of Directors during its session dated December 17th, 2020 has been formed into a Body and appointed its executive and non-executive members, as follows:

  1. Sokratis P. Kokkalis, Chairman and CEO, Executive member
  2. Constantinos G. Antonopoulos, Vice- Chairman, Non-Executive member
  3. Chrysostomos D. Sfatos, Deputy CEO, Executive member
  4. Nikolaos I. Nikolakopoulos, Deputy CEO, Executive member
  5. Fotis L. Konstantellos, Deputy CEO, Executive member
  6. Christos K. Dimitriadis, Non-Executive member
  7. Alexandros-Stergios N. Manos, Non-Executive member
  8. Ioannis K. Tsoumas, Independent Non-Executive member
  9. Anastasios M. Tsoufis, Independent Non-Executive member
  10. Ioannis P. Tsoukaridis, Independent Non-Executive member