After a successful conversion to the INTRALOT system one year ago, the Ohio Lottery has posted a record sales year of $2.48 billion for the fiscal year 2010, a total that exceeds the previous year’s sales by nearly $70 million.

The Lottery’s year-end transfer to the Lottery Profits Education Fund (LPEF) totaled $728.6 million - $26.3 million over last year’s transfer, and the second-highest profit transfer in the Lottery’s 36-year history. Dollar figures are unaudited; the Lottery’s annual financial audit will be completed in the next three-to-four months. Since 1974, the Ohio Lottery has transferred more than $17 billion to the state in support of education in Ohio.

Lottery Director, Kathleen Burke was delighted with the Lottery’s performance in her first 10 months on the job. “When I came to the Ohio Lottery I found a dedicated and hard-working staff and a Vendor that was working hard to be a true Partner with the Lottery”. “The results speak for themselves”, Burke says. “We are excited to be able to maximize our profits in such a way as to send such a large transfer to the LPEF. That’s why we’re here. The lottery also achieved multi-million dollar savings by awarding its largest contract, the gaming system and related services contract to INTRALOT USA, which won after an extensive competitive bid selection process”.

Director Burke further congratulated INTRALOT on the first year of operations by stating the following. “On behalf of the Ohio Lottery Commission and its staff, I am writing to congratulate and thank you and the entire INTRALOT team assigned to the Ohio Lottery on the 1st anniversary of our very successful partnership… In fact our profit transfer increased by more than $26 million from FY ’09. To have accomplished this in a year when our gaming system converted is nothing short of spectacular.”

Deputy Director Michael Petro, who oversees the INTRALOT online contract, stated “Not only do sales reflect the success of the conversion but that the decision to choose INTRALOT was the right choice for the State of Ohio.”

“We are proud to have contributed to the financial success of the Ohio Lottery. Within a turbulent economic environment, the Ohio Lottery, with INTRALOT’s contribution, succeeded not only to have impressive financial results, but also to post record sales. We will continue working diligently with our partners to achieve even better results in the coming years in order to sustain the increase in the Lottery’s contribution to educational funding” said Tom Little, President and CEO, INTRALOT USA.



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