INTRALOT, following  receipt of a relevant request by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, regarding the exposure of the Group’s companies in Cyprus, and to inform the investment public, it announces the following:

A. Bank Accounts
The balances of the Group’s companies which were held in Cypriot banks based on the most recent data (27/3/2013) were:
Bank of Cyprus: 3 companies with the following amounts: EUR 0.48 mil, EUR 1.05 mil. and EUR 0.39 mil, respectively.
CPB: one company with EUR 0.1 mil. and 5 companies with minor amounts (between EUR 2,200 – 12,050)

B. Cypriot bank bonds
Bank of Cyprus bond booked at EUR 0.9 mil. in our accounts

C. Financials
The contribution of the activities of the Group’s companies in Cyprus to the Group’s revenues was 1.3% and to Ebitda 0.4% in 2012, while it is not possible to project the crisis’ impact on their financials from the specific operations. In any case, they contribute a very small percentage to the consolidated financials and practically do not affect the Group’s results.