In the first quarter of 2002, sales of sports games showed an increase of € 350,9 million, representing a 48% raise over the equivalent sales period of 2001.

 Fixed Odds sports betting games have been steadily gaining in popularity since their first introduction in January 2000. All games are managed and organized by Betting Company, a member of the INTRALOT group of companies on behalf of O.P.A.P., the Greek Organization of Football Prognostics. Betting Company manages the largest sports book worldwide with annual sales exceeding € 1,3 billion.

 Betting Company is conducting a large number of fixed odds games on soccer, basketball and Formula 1 races, through a variety of betting options, including Football Long List, Football Sections List, Basketball List and Winner-type bets.

 Taking into account the players interest in fixed odds betting which indicates further sales growth, Betting Company is planning to add a number of new games including other sports events such as track and field, tennis, etc.

 It is worth mentioning that Betting Company safeguards the game’s profitability by monitoring and forecasting potential liabilities in real time, through the use of the LOTOS wagering platform developed by INTRALOT.