Loterias PeruGana and Sociedad Beneficencia de Jaen of Peru (the beneficiary of Loterias PeruGana)  celebrated the first anniversary of Gana Diario - one of the most popular games of the lottery- with a special two days event. The event took place at Jaen and focused specially on aged people and children with low economic recourses.

The first day was dedicated to aged people and the second to the children. Among the highlights was the special prizes for the best students of the area, an initiative aiming which encourage them to continue their efforts for being better students.

Mrs. Maria Elena Silva Corporate Communications and PR Department of Loterias Perugana, pointed out that: “we will continue to offer valuable assistance and personal involvement to associations and special interest groups through our sponsorship program, promoting the concept of our social responsibility”.

Mr. Jaime Vilchez, Provincial Mayor of Jaen stated: “We are very proud for the good work that has been done from Loterias PeruGana in cooperation with the Welfare Association for the people in need in Peru. We are committed that this action will continue in the next years. Thanks to these sales of Loterias  PeruGana,  more people in need  are constantly benefited through the Jaen Public Welfare.

Loterias PeruGana has 96 % share of the lottery market in Peru and is a major contributor of good causes in the country.