Sports Betting

Fixed Odds Betting / Sportsbook
Fixed Odds Betting (FOB) is the cornerstone of Sports Betting and the top-selling form of gaming for many operators around the globe.

INTRALOT’s FOB portfolio includes a vast collection of sports with thousands of events, hundreds of bet types, and variable play modes that can be strategically combined in custom-made product mixes and structured to any level of sophistication. This massive portfolio offers endless winning opportunities and combinations, allowing players to participate with high frequency, use their skills and select playing tactics and winning levels. With the support of INTRALOT’s Managed Trading Services, product attractiveness is perfectly balanced with profitability.

One of our most attractive FOB options is in-play betting, offering thousands of major events from all sports. Betting takes place during the event, with continuously changing odds, creating a highly engaging player experience, while expert odds-making and risk-monitoring ensure profitability for the operator.

Sports Pools

Featuring simplicity and low participation cost, Sports Pools (mainly for soccer events) have been part of INTRALOT’s portfolio for many years, usually appealing to more traditional players who seek the opportunity to reach high winnings based on their sports knowledge.