On the occasion of its 20 years anniversary, INTRALOT has published an historic album entitled “TYCHE: Lotteries and Games of Chance through Time”, in collaboration with the Foundation of the Hellenic World. The book addresses the power of Chance in the human spirit through time and was presented to an audience of representatives from the business and political sector at a special ceremony held on December 11th in Athens.

The keynote speaker of the event, Mr. Peter Economides, Brand Strategist, underlined: “Every society needs its heroes. And Greece today needs heroes more than ever before. What INTRALOT has achieved in 20 years makes it a true Greek hero. The challenges in the gaming industry are huge. INTRALOT has what it takes - the balance between left brain and right brain cultures - to invent the future."

On behalf of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Mr. Dimitris Efraimoglou, CEO of the Foundation, added: “The idea for the creation of this historical album emerged in the context of the impressive and educational 3D recreations of the Ancient Market - the 3D production currently offered to visitors of the Foundation of the Hellenic World at its dome-shaped Tholos Hall. This idea became a reality thanks to the willingness, the know-how and the hard work of the team of our Foundation and, surely, thanks to the support of INTRALOT. What makes this album unique is that the historical information contained therein is inextricably connected with and is shown through these 3D recreations.  At the Foundation of the Hellenic World we process historical information using different means: print publications, internet, 3D representations, virtual reality, and exhibitions. All these become integral parts of a whole that complement each other and together produce cultural products of scientific excellence and high quality. This is how this album was developed, with original texts and imaginative visual documentation, tracking all the aspects of Tyche throughout the centuries.”

Presenting the album, historian and author Ms. Georgia Kalogeropoulou stated: “Tyche was perceived in multiple ways through time but its significance in private, social and political life is a constant. The hope for good luck and prosperity was not just an expression of psychological need, but bore various semantic contents, according to the specific society. Tyche was worshipped as a goddess, was an object of philosophical inquiry, ensured that state positions were fairly allocated and ownership was properly apportioned, protected cities and empires, was the companion in entertainment games and was the dream and the expectation for a brighter future.”

Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, CEO of INTRALOT Group, stated: “The gaming sector has a long history and we are proud to be part of it. We have offered to a traditional industry a new dynamic that makes it today one of the most robust sectors of the global economy. INTRALOT is still a young company, only 20 years old. It has the experience and the maturity, but it also retains the enthusiasm of its early years, as it is continuously evolving. In the next decade INTRALOT will be an even more open and flexible company; it will become the hub of a strongly connected network of innovative productive units. All these forces will be consolidated under INTRALOT’s common language, obtaining access to the global market and multiplying the company’s imprint.”

Tyche and Games of Chance are the main subjects of the book volume, which invites readers to an exciting journey through times through an incursion into the role of Chance and games of Chance in people's private and public lives, illustrated with a telling photographic collection of prominent samples of art, monuments and scenes from daily life. Either based on luck, strategy or both, games of chance have always offered to mankind the joy of participation along with the excitement of anticipation and hope for the future.  Games may have changed over the centuries but gaming is inherent to mankind and will always be part of human culture.

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