INTRALOT Inc., based in Duluth, GA, the North American subsidiary of INTRALOT Group, is pleased to announce an amendment to its contract with the Ohio Lottery. INTRALOT will provide its Multi-Purpose Next Generation (MPNG) self-service Lottery machines that will empower players to have an incredible interactive player experience with EZPLAY® Tap Games™, an extension of the lottery’s already successful instant online EZPLAY® product line.

The MPNG Player Activated Vending Machines are manufactured in INTRALOT’s facilities in Mason, Ohio. The MPNG will be connected to INTRALOT’s B-On® system, the company’s Interactive Gaming Platform. The B-On® system is a state-of-the-art, innovative, robust and high performance solution that meets the growing demands of the gaming industry and enables the expansion of sales and services across many traditional and alternative sales channels.

With the new player activated terminals consumers will be able to access all of the Lottery’s existing terminal based games, as well as, the new EZPLAY® Tap Games™. This new series of games has been designed to provide a paperless and visual instant ticket experience. The machines and games will be available in Veterans and Fraternal organizations throughout the state of Ohio. The revenue from these games will provide additional funds for education and generate money for these select organizations individual needs and the charitable efforts they currently support. 

Mr. Dennis Berg, the Director of the Ohio Lottery, reported to the Ohio Lottery Board of Commissioners at the April Commission: “The Multi-Purpose Next Generation state-of-the-art gaming equipment will be manufactured in Mason, Ohio. This is same facility that the current MPs used primarily for our Keno trade channel and the Winstation Instant ticket dispensing equipment is built in. In conjunction with our vendor partner INTRALOT, we continue to conduct informational open house sessions throughout the state to interested Veteran and Fraternal Organizations. Our goal is to provide clarifying information on how the MPNG program will work and this next generation equipment can benefit their organizations.”

Mr. Tom Little, President and CEO of INTRALOT Inc., commented “the MPNG and the games will allow us to provide the Lottery with interactive game content that will provide an immediate solution to the current needs of the state and its veteran and fraternal organizations. Ohio will pave the way with these games to attract new players and help transition the Ohio Lottery into the top echelon of lotteries in the world. Not only will this project create new jobs in the state, it will also lead to significant additional revenue for education in the great state of Ohio.”

Mr. John Pantoleon, INTRALOT Group Chief Operating Officer, added: “Our fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership with the Ohio Lottery has led the lottery to its decision to assign us the project to deploy and introduce to the State our Next Generation MPNGs and innovative, TAPP IT!TM interactive touch screen games that offer to players a fun and exciting way to win prizes instantly. We are confident that our new offering, already successfully launched in Idaho, will be embraced by players in the State of Ohio and will increase the Ohio Lottery’s earnings, thus its contribution to Good Causes.”


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