Eurofootball (the only state licensed fixed odds betting operator in the country) has celebrated its 10th anniversary in a party organised in Roman style.

 The party took place in the magnificent scenery of the movie Spartac at the Boyana cinema centre. 82 actors and 145 technical personnel have been hired for the whole show and nearly 1000 people attended to celebrate the birthday of the company. Among them, sport celebrities such as Stefka Costadinova, Boyan Radev and Maria Grozdeva, politicians, businessmen and journalists.

 The founders and managers of Eurofootball were welcoming the guests. The Finance Minister Milen Velchev wished for the company to “make a lot of people happy and rich”, from the 2 huge TV sets placed in the main area, which was reformed as a Roman market.

 Eurofootball has launched successfully this year its new on-line betting system, which operates through Coronis terminals (provided by INTRALOT) and offers four games in the football programme, while soon more sports events like Formula 1, Basketball, Hokey and Boxing will be added.

 Furthermore, in order to improve the information systems provided to the participants, Eurofootball is developing an Internet site, which aims to be one of the biggest created in Europe, as far as data and statistics are concerned.

 The company is expected to have further growth in the 2nd half of 2003, compared to the growth of 25% at the 1st half of the year.

 Eurofootball was established in Bulgaria in 1993, whereas received a license from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria to organize bets on football matches, in agent shops situated throughout the whole country. In February 2002, INTRALOT acquired the 49% of the company.