INTRALOT has managed to expand in the five continents thanks to its innovative technology and know-how», emphasized the Chief Executive Officer of INTRALOT, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, during the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders that took place today.

 The company during 2004 increased its share in the global market, targeting an international population of 400 million and relying on a solid customer base of 24 gaming organizations that posted sales of $6 billion, while its systems process 1.8 billion transactions annually.

 Moreover, Mr. Antonopoulos stressed the fact that in 2005 INTRALOT’s revenues are expected to reach €500 mil. and earnings before taxes €120 mil., posting an increase of 53.4% and 27.2% respectively, compared to 2004.

 The strategy that INTRALOT will follow in the next 3 years in order to achieve strong organic growth will be based in 4 vectors: 

  1. Lottery operation, through the privatization of gaming organizations and/or the possible liberalization of the gaming market in the European Union.
  2. Services for the operation of games, such as Sports Betting and Video lottery, as well as added value services.  
  3. Development of new systems and games (gaming content)
  4. Operation of games on new networks (Internet, iTV, mobile)

The combination of offering integrated technological solutions and services with the operation of lottery games differentiates INTRALOT from its competitors and furnishes the company for the new era’s challenges. In parallel, the conclusion of strategic partnerships with leading groups in the global entertainment sector is expected to create significant synergies and facilitate the company’s penetration in particular segments of the sector, strengthening its further development.  

 The General Meeting approved the distribution of dividend €0.96 per share (including an interim dividend €0.40 per share), increased by 6.7% compared to 2003’s dividend. The dividend yield is one of the highest among the listed companies in the ASE.

 In 2004 the company’s consolidated turnover, according to Greek GAAP, was shaped at €325.8 mil., from €320.4 mil. in 2003, posting a 1.7% increase. Earnings before taxes increased 6.3%, to €94.3 mil. from €88.7 mil. in 2003. Earnings before Interest Taxes and Depreciation (EBITDA) increased 9.7% to €112.1 mil. from €102.3 mil. last year. According to International Financial Reporting Standards, the company’s turnover reached €327 mil. and earnings before taxes were shaped at €100.2 mil. 

 INTRALOT, a public listed company on ASE, is a leading supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game designs and value added services to state-licensed gaming organizations and financial services providers worldwide. With 31 subsidiaries, 7 business offices and 1,500 people in 28 countries and revenues of € 327 million, the company dominates in Europe, has secured a strong position in South America and has established a foothold in North America, while expanding its presence in S.E. Asia, Australia and Africa. Following a highly successful period of rapid growth, INTRALOT currently ranks 3rd on revenues and 2nd on profits among lottery suppliers worldwide.