“Pame Stihima”, OPAP’s fixed odds sports betting game, has enjoyed another record-breaking year in 2003, the fourth in a row. The game’s total sales have increased by more than 9% year on year, exceeding €1,6 billion.

 The popular game has widened the product range in 2003 by offering betting on tennis games. Together with football, basketball and formula 1, the fixed odds betting games attract more sports fans and offer additional betting options.

 Mr Andreas Papoulias, General Manager of Betting Company S.A., commented: “The continuing growth of Greece’s fixed odds betting provides a proven record for Betting Company’s successful operational services and the efficient safeguarding of the game’s profitability.”

 Betting Company S.A., a member of the INTRALOT group, offers ISO 9001:2000 certified operational fixed odds betting games services to state licensed lotteries around the world. The company’s customers include O.P.A.P. (Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics), Narodna Lutrija and Belgrade Lottery (Serbia), Eurofootball (Bulgaria), Loteria Moldovei (Moldova), Polla Chilena de Beneficencia (Chile), CNLR (Romania) and Royal Highgate (Cyprus).