Arkansas became the nation’s 44th lottery as Arkansans began buying lottery tickets in their home state at 12.01am on September 28th.  After the first full day of sales more than $1.3 million tickets were sold and more than $700,000 in prizes were awarded to players. 

“The people at INTRALOT are wonderful partners.  Their proposal set the high bar for the world’s fastest start-up, and their technology and hard work helped bring this Lottery home on time, with enormous cooperation.  INTRALOT never faltered, and this has been a seamless launch,” said Arkansas Lottery Director, Ernie Passailaigue.
The Arkansas Lottery marks the 11th contract that INTRALOT has been awarded in the United States in the past five years.  The contract was signed on August 15, 2009.  45 days later tickets were being sold.  “We are very excited and proud to have implemented a comprehensive, state-of-the art, state-wide lottery system faster than initially requested by the Lottery, all the while maintaining the highest levels of technical excellence and system security,” said INTRALOT U.S.A. President, Tom Little.  “The challenges we faced starting up this lottery in record time pale in comparison to the opportunities that will be created to the citizens of this state through the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.”

Presently, the Lottery is offered at more than 1,500 outlets across the state with more and more being added each day.