The A.I.T. (Athens Information Technology) education and research centre concluded its first academic year with a Colloquium event, in which world-renowned professors in the fields of Telecommunications and Information Technology participated. The AIT, which was founded by Intracom and INTRALOT, offers a Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN) in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the leading university in computer science, in the USA.

Professor Arogyaswami Paulraj from Stanford University was the distinguished lecturer on the theme ”Multiple Antenna Wireless – The New Frontier”. As the Head of the “Smart Antennas Research Group”, Prof. Paulraj discussed the Multiple Antenna Technology, which lies today at the core of worldwide research and in a few years will become the standard model for applications deployed in the areas of mobile telephony, wireless networks, as well as wireless systems.

In a few words, mobile telephony subscribers will be receiving signal of better quality, which means more reliable telephones and higher speed. On the other hand, mobile telephony carriers will feature greater capacity and higher coverage with less base stations. This particular technology is also expected to be applied to other fields as well, such as high speed access network technology for PDAs and laptops, wireless LANs and “fixed wireless”, where the basic idea is to offer wireless access anywhere and any time. The cost for deploying the “Multiple Antenna” technology is not considered high compared to its proven benefits. This technology will be generally available in at least two years from now.

Following the keynote speech, Professors A. Constantinides, Imperial College, C. Dellarocas, MIT Sloan, C. Halkias, A.I.T., J. Proakis, Northeastern University, and P. Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon, gave short insightful lectures whereby they set the scientific and technological ground of communications and stressed their important role in the creation of a human society where the access to knowledge and social benefits will be every individual’s privilege.



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