INTRALOT, through its participation as a major shareholder in the Taiwanese joint venture LotRich Information Co., Ltd, has been selected, following an international tender process, as the lottery system technology provider of ChinaTrust Commercial Bank in Taiwan (CTCB), a member of Chinatrust Financial Holding Company, which has received the license from the government to operate the Public Welfare Lottery. INTRALOT has been the technological provider of ChinaTrust Commercial Bank in Taiwan since 2007, when CTCB obtained its first license to operate the lottery. The duration of the new project is for ten (10) years.

INTRALOT will provide ChinaTrust Commercial Bank and its subsidiary lottery operator Taiwan Lottery Corporation (TLC) with the LOTOS™ O/S On-line Gaming Computer System, the LOTOS™ Horizon content management software and hardware, along with the necessary for 10 years Central system and Retail Network maintenance and support services for the operation of the Public Welfare Lottery, and will install 6,050 Photon terminals in retailer locations across Taiwan.

Regarding the new contract with LotRich Information Co., Ltd, the joint venture in which INTRALOT is the major Shareholder, the Top Management of TLC stated: “The Fourth Welfare Lottery Technical Provider is LotRich Information Co., Ltd., it is selected by Chinatrust Commercial Bank by open procedure, the evaluation items include technical provider’s experience and skill, technology system planning, operation management planning, risk management and security control, implementation plan, other suggestions and price, etc. LotRich Information Co., Ltd., has been providing Welfare Lottery system and related services since 2007, our company has high expectation in collaborating with LotRich Information Co., Ltd., for the upcoming 10 years (2014-2023), we hope good mutual collaboration can continue to maintain system stability and good operation and provide retailer with good quality lottery system services.”

INTRALOT Group CEO, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, stated: “The decision of ChinaTrust Commercial Bank to reselect us as its lottery system technology provider ratifies our excellent and fruitful collaboration with CTCB and TLC since 2007. INTRALOT, through its full range of integrated and innovative products and services, has been a valuable and trustworthy provider of technology for ChinaTrust Commercial Bank supporting it in its endeavors to increase its contributions to Good Causes. We are extending our presence in the Taiwanese market for another 10 years aiming to maintain our position as the dominant player in the Asian gaming market.”

Mr. Marios Mitromaras, General Manager Asia of INTRALOT and Chairman of LotRich, stated: "We are very excited with this long term project as it will further strengthen our significant position in Taiwan and the wider Asian region. Our extensive knowledge of the local requirements and expectations, as we have been collaborating with our Taiwanese client and partners since 2007, allows us to continue the already established and successful collaboration with ChinaTrust Commercial Bank and Taiwan Lottery Corporation for the benefit of Taiwan and its lottery players.”


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