INTRALOT was listed on the ‘2009 EU Industrial Research & Development Investment Scoreboard’, prepared and published by the European Commission, because of the significant capitals invested by the company in Research and Development (R&D) during 2008.


This important distinction highlights INTRALOT’s commitment to investing in Research and Development as an integral part of its core corporate philosophy. Since its inception, the Company has strongly believed in innovation as a powerful source of growth. Over the last couple of years, INTRALOT has been investing an average of 10% of its technology sales in Research and Development. During its 18 years of operation, INTRALOT has developed and presented to the lottery industry unique, pioneering products and services, its name having become synonymous with leadership and innovation in the gaming industry. As a technologically autonomous company, INTRALOT has the ability to create economies of scale, thereby constantly increasing its sales worldwide.


The ‘2009 EU Industrial Research & Development Investment Scoreboard’ revealed some important aspects of R&D investment on a global level. It is notable that worldwide corporate R&D investment increased by 6.9% in 2008, in spite of the economic crisis. With an 8.1% increase, the R&D investment growth of EU companies (defined as companies having headquarters within the EU) is significantly higher than US ones, at 5.7%. The report also shows that companies from emerging countries have the highest R&D investment growth.


The Scoreboard is part of the European Commission’s monitoring activities to improve the understanding of trends in R&D investment by the private sector and the factors affecting it. The annual publication of the Scoreboard is intended to raise awareness of the importance of