INTRALOT INTRODUCES TAPP IT! The Future of Lottery, Today!

INTRALOT USA, a subsidiary of the INTRALOT Group, announces the TAPP IT!TM product line; providing the future of lottery, today!

TAPP IT!TM games are a series of fun, interactive, quick play style games. Utilizing the self-service Coronis MP terminal, and the “Touch Activated Player Portal”, these games can be experienced in existing brick and mortar lottery locations. Offering an extensive library of games, INTRALOT has developed the TAPP IT!TM product line to provide content rich, advanced gaming products to U.S. lottery players.

“It is crucial for lotteries to continue to develop products that can be sold through existing retail channels,” stated Lori Harris, Director, New Product Marketing. “We developed the TAPP IT!TM product line with the goal of attracting a new, younger demographic of players that lotteries could implement now without requiring new legislation.”

The TAPP IT!TM platform enables INTRALOT to provide content from multiple game developers under one umbrella. The extensive game library and flexible platform together offer a fast to market and easily scalable solution for every U.S. lottery.

In addition to fitting within the current lottery landscape, TAPP IT!TM games provide an opportunity for U.S. lotteries to expand the underutilized bar and restaurant retail channel. “We believe the TAPP IT!TM product line will open new doors for recruiting and retaining businesses that were previously not interested in lottery products,” stated John Pittman, Vice President, Marketing of INTRALOT USA. “These games, in conjunction with our [Coronis] MP terminals, provide the right kind of gaming experience that those retailers and patrons demand.”


INTRALOT, a public listed company, is the leading supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content, sports betting management and interactive gaming services to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide. Its broad portfolio of products & services, its know-how of Lottery, Betting, Racing & Video Lottery operations and its leading-edge technology, give INTRALOT a competitive advantage, which contributes directly to customers’ efficiency, profitability and growth. With presence in 56 jurisdictions, more than 5.500 people and revenues of €1.4 billion for 2012, INTRALOT has established its presence on all 5 continents.

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