Actresses Mayra Couto and Magdyel Ugaz now on the new Rapitinkas

The famous and talented Peruvian actresses, Mayra Couto and Magdyel Ugaz, have become the  image of the new instant lotteries ‘Rapitinkas’ that INTRALOT just launched on the national market. Both television celebrities have brought to life the three fun games: ‘RapiMagdyel’, ‘RapiMayra’ and ‘RapiChicas’. During the press conference, INTRALOT also announced the relaunch of its popular game ‘El Reventón’, which now offers higher prizes and more chances to win.

Seeking to surpass the resounding success of the first edition of the ‘RapiMagdyel’ in 2010, INTRALOT bet again on the charisma and popularity of Magdyel Ugaz, launching a second edition with original and innovative designs that display a renewed image of Magdyel.

"Magdyel has charisma and big influence on our target group. A new edition of the game with her image will allow us to get closer to our consumers. The public itself was the one that asked us to launch a second edition", said Sandra Merino, Marketing Manager of Business Unit of INTRALOT Lottery.

That's not all. In addition to the figure of Magdyel, a new celebrity, the famous Mayra Couto, will enable the company to continue developing the category of scratch cards. Mayra Couto is also the protagonist of her own ‘Rapitinka’, named ‘RapiMayra’, where she wears attractive designs and puts on fun imitations such as: a boxer, a marinera dancer, a surfer, the President of the Republic or as entertainer for children, all of which highglight her sweetness and charm.

About the renowned actress, the executive of INTRALOT said: "Mayra is our new face; we focus on attractive and appealing personalities because we are sure that these will please our customers".

For the fans of both actresses, INTRALOT created the game ‘RapiChicas’, where Mayra and Magdyel appear together in fun characterizations that will encourage the public to scratch and not miss the chance to win. The value of each ‘Rapitinka’, in any of the three presentations, is only one ‘sol’ and the maximum award is 10 000 new ‘soles’.

During the event, the popular television figures thanked INTRALOT of Peru for the invitation to participate in one of their successful games, and invited the public to buy their ‘Rapitinkas’ and win thousands of soles (Peruvian money).


More prizes with ‘El Reventón’

INTRALOT also announced good news for fans of their lottery games, especially for players of the ‘El Reventón’ game, which was relaunched with a new ticket format, with better prizes and more chances to win.

The format of four games in one is still maintained, but it highlights the areas with the most important awards, such as the ‘4 Ruedas’ that definitely circumvents a zero miles car every week, and ‘El Gordo’, which now offers a top prize of 50 thousand soles and allows the participants to win with 11 hits, unlike before when the jackpot was 20 thousand and the minimum of hits for winning was 13.

On this issue, Sandra Merino remarked that the relaunch of ‘El Reventón’ was part of a strategy of constant product innovation, seeking to offer the consumer an excellent value proposition and opportunities to play and win. "Just after two weeks of sales the initial response has been positive, as sales are exceeding our growth objectives", stated the executive.



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