Since Start-Up Core On-line Games Are Tracking Consistently Year to Year

INTRALOT, the new vendor for the District of Columbia Lottery successfully completed a system conversion on November 23 involving more than 522 terminals in retail locations throughout the District. Given the complex nature of a full gaming system conversion, the elimination of DC6 a core numbers game, and the introduction of a new game, Race 2 Riches with virtually no advertising or promotion, sales of core on-line games, DC3, DC4, DC5 and Keno are tracking consistently year to year. 

“As evidence of the success of the conversion, sales have continued on pace and the DC Lottery is very happy with the conversion. We can now implement INTRALOT’sstate-of-the-art technology, and offer new games and faster transaction processing time for our retailers. INTRALOT/DC09 hit the ground running and did so with a seamless conversion one hour earlier than our agreed upon 11am start.” says Buddy Roogow, Executive Director, D.C. Lottery.

This makes the fourth U.S. Lottery conversion this year for the powerhouse gaming company. INTRALOT has invested significantly in the District providing state-of-the-art technology a new infrastructure, and more than 25 jobs to the District for systems, administrative services, marketing, operations, and equipment placement and maintenance.

“We are excited to be up and running in the District of Columbia and are pleased with the conversion results. We’re proud of our local partner, DC09 and its President, Emmanuel Bailey and all the great efforts that our employees, and the DC09 Team have made to create the success that we’ve achieved,” said Tom Little, CEO, INTRALOT USA. 


“The Citizens of the District of Columbia will clearly benefit from the significant revenue enhancements derived as a result of the installation of INTRALOT’s State-of-the-Art Gaming technology. Most importantly, INTRALOT/DC09 will be steadfast and resolute in our commitment to being an outstanding Corporate Citizen now, and in the years to come,” says Emmanuel S. Bailey, President/CEO, DC09.

Since entering the U.S. market at the end of 2002, INTRALOT has been awarded major contracts to run lottery operations in eleven states.  It has gained significant momentum in the US because of its ability to provide exceptional technology and first-class service in a cost-efficient manner. 

INTRALOT also attributes its competitive advantage and pricing to its lean organizational structure, and the fact that it carries little debt. INTRALOT has become known as the industry’s leading conversion experts. Over the last 8 years INTRALOT has successively converted more vendor-to-vendor conversions of U.S. Lotteries than all other vendors combined.