INTRALOT has implemented the new 4D Jackpot game, which was successfully launched by Magnum Corporation Berhad, a pioneer gaming company in Malaysia.

The new game, which features a unique jackpot cascading element that sets it apart from other games, is offered to players through Magnum’s nationwide POS network. The launch of the new game was very successful, with retailers reporting a great deal of excitement among players.

The 4D Jackpot game is running on INTRALOT’s customized software. INTRALOT has been Magnum’s technology provider since 2006, when it was awarded an 8-year contract.

Mr. Lawrence Lim, CEO of Magnum Corporation Berhad, Mr. Tuen Foo Fat, General Manager, and Mr. Seah Kok Leong, Head of Operations and Marketing, unveiled the new 4D Jackpot game at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. “We are the first in Malaysia to launch the 4D game. Now, again we are at the forefront with this original new game”, Mr. Lawrence Lim said and added, “the 4D Jackpot game will complement our classic 4D game and add more fun, more excitement, as it provides a better gaming experience compared to others in the market.”

Mr. Christos Moumouris, Managing Director of INTRALOT Asia Pacific, stated: “We are proud to be part of Magnum’s endeavour to boost Malaysia’s gaming market. We provided our expertise to Magnum and developed a customized piece of software which helped realize the game objectives.

The launch of the new game was very impressive indeed, which makes us strongly optimistic about its long-term commercial success. We will continue to work closely with our partners and assist them with the implementation of their future plans.”



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