Loterias PeruGana (the operator of "La Tinka" the most popular game in Peruvian market) and Helados D’ Onofrio (an ice-cream company which joins Nestle since 1997) presented in common, "D' Onofrio Rapitinkas"  the new product for the summer 2005 at a press conference in Peru, the last week of January. 

With an investment of US$ 1 million, Helados D’ Onofrio and La Tinka have joined efforts to organize the largest promotion for this summer, which will reward the consumers with instant cash prizes of up to US$8.650. More than 300.000 instant prizes are available while the winners will have a second chance by winning six double (all inclusive) packages to travel to the Carribean Islands, through the draw of Frecuencia Latina (the TV program of La Tinka) every Sunday.

Mr. Pierre Gaillard, the General Manager of Helados D’ Onofrio, stated that: “This promotion seeks to boost the consumption of these traditional brands, now fully renewed, and place emphasis on the single and unique flavour that meets the approval of all the Peruvians. We have chosen Loterias PeruGana, the leader in the Peruvian lottery market, to carry out this ambitious project and I promise that we will continue to impress our consumer with more exciting and innovative products”.

Mr. Dimitris Karagounis, the CEO of Loterias PeruGana, pointed out that: “ The two forces have worked very hard the last four months in order to launch successfully this unique project. I would like to assure our customers that La Tinka will continue to be on the top of the Peruvian lottery market offering fun and great prizes.”

Helados D´Onofrio for over 107 years, has captivated all Peruvians with a single and unequivocal flavor.  And, ever since 1997, the company joined forces with Nestlé, the world’s leading food producer, to offer a product of insurmountable quality. In year 2004, Helados D’Onofrio received the Effie Award to the Classic Trademark, and became one of the three brands most wanted by Peruvians.

 Loterias PeruGana has 96 % share of the lottery market in Peru and is a major contributor of good causes in the country.