INTRALOT Australia, a subsidiary of the INTRALOT Group, continuing on the successful implementation of Lotterywest’s new Gaming System in 2008, activated the internet channel of its pioneering gaming platform B-On™, based on whichthe Lottery developed its on-line sales website. The new website went into full commercial operation on February 7th and INTRALOT’s B-On™ platform now supports on-line sales for the full range of games provided by Lotterywest such as Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball, Cash 3, Soccer Pools and Super66.

INTRALOT’s B-On™ platform supports services such as online/offline registrations, automated player notifications, player management and helpdesk functions, B-Pay and real-time credit card deposits, player e-wallets, automatic payments directly to player bank accounts and favourite numbers management. Lotterywest has also activated the capabilities of B-On™ regarding responsible gaming, so as to provide the appropriate safeguards for players online. By setting weekly organizational spending limits and allowing player self-imposed limits and self-exclusion options, Lotterywest can safeguard the players from excessive spending.  

"Lotterywest is the envy of many lotteries around the world because of the direct link between the games and the money raised for thousands of community and charitable organisations around the State, as well as for health services, arts and sports. Many Western Australians would be aware there are competitors offering Western Australians the chance to play Lotto online already, but unfortunately, the proceeds don't stay in Western Australia to support our community. We believe we have a responsibility to offer this kind of service which most people expect today, so that the money raised will go to our beneficiaries in this State", said Ms. Jan Stewart Chief Executive Officer of Lotterywest.

“We were excited to provide Lotterywest with INTRALOT’s state-of-the art B-On™ gaming platform fully satisfying its technological needs, securing players’ responsible gaming, and at the same time supporting Lotterywest’s endeavor to increase its contribution to Good Causes”, stated Mr. Leo Watling, CEO of INTRALOT Australia.

B-On™ is INTRALOT’s innovative gaming services platform for operating lottery, sports betting and entertainment games on interactive digital distribution channels. It can deliver numerical games, fixed-odds sport betting games, instant games and generally any game that currently exists in the gaming industry.  Based on open standards B-On™ is fully flexible, expandable and scalable to incorporate third-party games and services.