INTRALOT’s subsidiary, INTRALOT Inc., was selected by the Louisiana Lottery Corporation as the successful vendor for the provision of a new online and instant gaming system including associated gaming products and support services. The conversion to the new system will take place in July 2010. The contract, which marks INTRALOT’s 7th in the US, is for 10 years with an option to extend for two additional one-year terms.
The contract will provide for 2,800 Point of Sale terminals and related peripherals that will be connected via a fully redundant satellite network to the LOTOSä O/S Central System.
With the addition of Louisiana, the nation’s 25th largest lottery, INTRALOT continues to expand its footprint in the dynamic U.S. lottery market.  Louisiana marks the fourth major contract that INTRALOT has won in the United States in the past two years alone.

Since its inception in 1991, the Louisiana Lottery Corporation has generated revenues of more than $5.8 billion and more importantly, returned more than $2 billion to the state treasury, including the “Minimum Foundation Program” that funds public education in Louisiana.  In the most recent fiscal year, sales from the Lottery reached the highest levels in more than 15 years.  Nationwide, the Louisiana Lottery Corporation ranked 13th last fiscal year in terms of percentage growth over the previous year.

“The lottery industry is driven by technology and marketing,” said Rose Hudson, President of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation. “With the selection of INTRALOT as our new gaming partner we are confident that the people of Louisiana will be well-served as we leverage INTRALOT’s new technology and marketing expertise to continue to bring innovative and exciting new games to the players of the Louisiana Lottery, all the while increasing revenues for education.”
INTRALOT S.A. CEO, Constantinos Antonopoulos commented: “We are very pleased with the Louisiana Lottery Corporation’s decision to select INTRALOT as the successful gaming system vendor. Our state-of-the-art system coupled with INTRALOT’s extensive experience and expertise in the world-wide lottery industry will serve the Louisiana Lottery Corporation greatly as it continues to achieve new levels of sales growth and technological superiority.”
INTRALOT Inc. President & CEO, Tom Little, added: “We are very proud and excited to have been selected to be the Louisiana Lottery’s new partner. INTRALOT will not only advance the Lottery into a new technological era with its advanced technology and systems, but will work side-by-side with the Lottery to develop new and exciting game and promotional offerings that will increase the Lottery’s revenues for good causes.”



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