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It was back in 2004 when Maltco Lotteries started its operations in Malta. The company which is a subsidiary of the global leader gaming company INTRALOT, has organized a reception for all its agents, employees and stakeholders to mark its 10th Anniversary celebrations.

The event which was held in a local Hotel in St Julians was attended also by the Hon. Profs Edward Scicluna, Minister of Finance, The Hon. Jose Herrera Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Growth, the Hon Dr Simon Busuttil, Leader of the Opposition, other members of Parliament, representatives from the INTRALOT Group and other distinguished guests.

On this special occasion, the company produced an audio visual production which portrayed the 10 historical years of Maltco Lotteries since its inception. The feature included interesting information on statistics, launch of games, information on the two licences awarded to the company and other important events that marked the company’s successful years.

In his welcoming speech, Maltco’s C.E.O, Dr Ioannis Katakis said that the company immediately thought of Malta as being an exciting and challenging opportunity, since it was the 1st ever experience that the national lottery in Malta was going to be privatised. Dr Katakis said that over the years, the company has created jobs and invested more than €70 million over the years, thus helping the Maltese economy to strengthen further. “Over the years, we have been offering a wide spectrum of games based on Responsible Gaming principles, in which players have the choice to play various exciting games at the leisure of our Points of Sale.” commented Dr Katakis. He also referred to Maltco as an important reference in the gaming industry for the world; “Being an active member of the World Lotteries Association and the European Lotteries, Malta through Maltco has indeed become one of the pioneer lotteries in the world.”

Dr Katakis thanked all the agents and employees who have been working within the company since its inception and wished all the best of luck to the new comers. He said that the company’s main aim is to continue to work close with the agents and sellers to establish an on going, stable and healthy relationship with them, thus creating together more successes for the company.

The Hon Jose Herrera, Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Growth, on behalf of the Maltese Government praised Maltco Lotteries for their 10 successful years . He said that since its launch, the company succeeded in increasing both revenues and winning opportunities. He also spoke about the dangers of illegal gaming and gambling addiction: “Illegal gambling is a scourge that affects not only punters who may end up victims of usury, but also the gaming industry and other sectors including sports.” He also stated that the Foundation for Responsible Gaming has been established to prevent and avoid illegal gaming. On behalf of the Maltese Government, the Hon Herrera augured Maltco Lotteries Ltd to achieve more successes.




ABOUT Maltco Lotteries LTD

Maltco Lotteries Ltd, subsidiary of Intralot, established in 2004 is the exclusive Operator of the National Lottery Games and Additional Games for Malta. It is fully regulated and licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Innovation, dedication, responsible gaming and good practices place Maltco amongst the top Companies in Malta. The company offers secure and reliable numeric and sports games to its players. The games are offered through all Maltco Lotteries’ dedicated points of sale.

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