INTRALOT, through its subsidiary “Betting Company”, has signed a Cooperation Agreement with FIFA’s subsidiary Early Warning System GmbH, becoming a vital part of a global endeavor to preserve and protect the integrity of football.

In May 2007, the Congress of FIFA, resolved to take all necessary measures for the early detection and prevention of the possible influencing of FIFA football matches for betting purposes and therefore founded Early Warning System GmbH (EWS), based in Zurich. FIFA's actions are intended to prevent sports betting from having any negative impact on football matches and, at the same time, raise awareness of this problem throughout the entire football community. Moreover, this initiative provides to governmental authorities valuable assistance in their battle to eradicate unethical and illegal acts.

Through this agreement, “Betting Company” is becoming a member of FIFA’s global network and will promptly inform the EWS on betting patterns which could indicate possible manipulation of football matches or other sport events, from jurisdictions where the company offers its services. Any information received from “Betting Company” shall undergo scrutiny by the EWS, which will also inform “Betting Company” on which events are under its surveillance.

“Betting Company” was established in 1998, in response to growing demand for fixed odds betting by national lotteries and regulators around the world. The company provides services for the establishment and risk-free management of fixed odds betting to licensed operators around the world.

INTRALOT CEO, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, stated: “We are very content to form part of such an important network. Transparency is a means to safeguard the values and the integrity of football and sports in general. INTRALOT strongly supports this initiative that creates a credible and sound operational framework for its global activities”.

Dr. Urs Scherrer, CEO of EWS GmbH stated: “We are very happy to welcome “Betting Company” as an important and reliable partner in our worldwide warning system. The expansion of our information network is one of the most important bricks in our aim to safe the integrity of sports”.



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