INTRALOT announces contract extension with OPAP S.A. for the provision of numerical lottery products and services

INTRALOT announces the extension of cooperation with OPAP S.A., the leading Greek gaming operator, for one additional year, from 31st of July 2023 to 31st of July 2024 in the field of numerical lottery products and services.
This extension allows INTRALOT to continue providing to OPAP S.A. its state-of-the-art lottery solution that incorporates its novel core platform “LotosX”, launched with great success in 2019, along with several other components and high-quality services. The lottery solution enables OPAP S.A. to keep optimizing the gaming experience and responsibly increase the engagement of the players in Greece and Cyprus. Our next generation future-proof platform is designed to build scalable ecosystems that meet the growing market demand and fully supports the modernization and digital transformation of OPAP S.A. 

For more information: Mr. Michail Tsagalakis, Capital Markets Director
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