More than 100 people (employees, customers and journalists) participated in a 2-day seminar - event, at the first weekend of November, organized by INTRALOT and the greek magazine 4 Wheels - Safetrack with theme Safe Driving. The host of this meeting was BETTING COMPANY S.A., one of INTRALOT's Group subsidiaries which has undertaken the fixed odds betting games in Greece.

The event took place, on the occasion of the first successful anniversary edition of BETTING COMPANY’ s game Formula 1. All the participants had the opportunity to learn more about safe driving, to exchange opinions and finally to drive cars in a special way-track. At the end of the seminar, certificates were granted to the participants both by BETTING COMPANY and 4T-Safetrack.

It' worth mentioning that BETTING COMPANY’s game Formula 1 is expected to attract more players in the greek gaming market, as well as, to renumerate the increased sales for this year.