The VLT operation of the state Romanian National Lottery Organization (CNLR) has started with great success. With 500 terminals already installed within 2002 and another 1,500 terminals to follow by the end of the year, the project is proceeding rapidly. The games offered currently are: poker, blackjack, reels, bingo and keno. The net income of the VLT machines exceeds considerably the anticipated income, thus contributing significantly to CNLR’ s revenues.

Following a 13-year agreement with CNLR, INTRALOT has undertaken the supply and all related services for the operation of the videolottery system, which has been officially launched in November 2002. The agreement provides for the installation of up to 15,000 on-line VLTs- connected on-line real time with a central system- at CNLR retail outlets and additional points of sale that will be established by Lotrom, INTRALOT’ s subsidiary in Romania.

Lotrom has also undertaken the development of an on-line satellite communications network based on VSAT, which has been fully operational since early 2001. The installation of the VSAT terminals at selected agencies was completed in 2002 and has already reduced substantially CNLR’ s operating cost.

The Romanian VLT on-line operational model has been on the spotlight and has become a role model for other state lotteries. The launch of VLTs not only has contributed significantly to CNLR’s revenues, but at the same time the lottery’s on-line games (lotto and numbers) have experienced an increase of 130%(on US$ basis).

It’s worth mentioning that the state run VLT operation by using an on-line system and supporting progressive jackpots, has managed to compete successfully the private slot machines operators in the country.



INTRALOT is engaged in the development of integrated gaming systems and provides multiple services related to the design, development, operation and support of games. Based on its extensive know how, advanced product development specifications and substantial experience in organizing and operating lottery games, INTRALOT can offer its clients custom-made integrated solutions, which ensure maximum efficiency and absolute security. Following a highly successful period of rapid growth, INTRALOT is ranked 3rd in revenues and 2nd in profits, based on 2002 financial results, among lottery suppliers worldwide, and maintains a steady course towards the leading position in the global market. Today the company has secured an important position in the European and South American markets while is expanding its presence in North America and S.E. Asia.