Athens, Greece – August 8, 2002

 Yugolot, member of INTRALOT Group, has been placed between the 300 most successful enterprises in Serbia for the year 2001. As a result, the “Certificate for Profitability” was awarded by the Globamark Business Research, which conducted the research.

 The survey examined 39,233 enterprises out of 65,114 that submitted their balance sheets for the year 2001, aiming to affirm the international standards of monitoring the market and the economic competitive behaviour. The companies were evaluated based on the Business Rating Index of profitability (BR.IR). Yugolot passed successfully the eight interrelated analytical phases of the process and ranked 4th in the IT sector and 287th in the economy of Serbia overall.

 This distinction is a kind of recognition of Yugolot’s efforts to strengthen its role as a key player in the recovered and continuously developing economy of Serbia.

 INTRALOT’s subsidiary Yugolot has undertaken the operation and support of the on-line integrated lottery systems provided to the Lottery of Belgrade, as well as services related to advertising and promotion of the games. Currently there are six games of LOTTO and TOTO available in the market. Moreover, Yugolot is a strategic partner of Telecom Srbja in the distribution of public telephony phone cards and prepaid mobile-phone cards. Exploiting a distribution network of 4,000 points of sale, Yugolot consolidates 1/3 of the market, being the largest distributor in Serbia.