INTRALOT Presenting Its Sports Betting Solution As Part Of The Lottery Environment_La Fleur's Sept-Oct_2019


by Vasia Bakalis, Customer Experience Director, INTRALOT Inc.

The future of gaming is not just Lottery or Sports Betting it is a combination of BOTH. It is how a successful Lottery embrace and adapt Sports Betting in its existing portfolio and turn this into a great success. INTRALOT has the experience and the know-how of Sports Betting to Lotteries for many years. INTRALOT is an expert of providing Lottery and Betting Solutions that meet the needs of the players and create successful Lotteries.

INTRALOT is delighted to exhibit at NASPL 2019 which takes place on September 17-20, in Little Rock, Arkansas. INTRALOT will showcase its next-generation Sports Betting solution designed to enhance the modern sports betting operations. The INTRALOT Solution offers a unique players experience through:

  • Various Sports
  • Various Bets
  • Pregame & Live Betting
  • Different forms of participation (Retail, on-line, mobile, etc.).

Many options: “Turning the Player into the Master of the game…”

On the sports betting front, INTRALOT WILL PRESENT INTRALOT Orion, its next-generation,  Sports Betting Platform for a truly connected player experience. Leveraging more than 25 years of worldwide, in-field experience and an industry-leading portfolio of 29 sports betting projects and operations, INTRALOT developed INTRALOT Orion a feature-rich and versatile Sports Betting Platform. INTRALOT Orion sits at the heart of a Sports Betting Solution that incorporates:

  • Managed Trading Services (MTS) &
  • A wide portfolio of terminals, both for the player and for the retailer

The platform serves the entire player journey across channels with a rich set of betting features.  The INTRALOT Orion Platform enables Sports Betting parametrical content and differentiated risk management on a per-channel basis. The INTRALOT Sports Betting Platform has been designed to integrate with both third-party software and the Lottery Platform, to provide cross-selling opportunities and economies of scale to State Lotteries in the United States.

During NASPL 2019, INTRALOT also presents a vast variety of options for the retail ecosystem to efficiently fulfill Lottery and Sports Betting operation needs.

In terminal technology INTRALOT showcases Photon & Proton terminals, which utilize innovative image scanning technology and offer the smallest footprint in their class with top-notch processing power and unique modular architecture, combined with many options and add-ons.

In vending and self-service terminals, INTRALOT presents its terminals which have helped to change the US Lottery retail environment by being placed into social establishments with great success: MPs, Winstation 30 & Dreamtouch Smart. They have been proven to be the best in class vending designed specifically for the sales of draw-based, instant win and scratch games offering the largest scratch ticket capacity in the industry in their categories.

Specifically to Sports Betting, INTRALOT has designed two self-service terminals that would serve successfully into the existing Lottery retail network: DremTouch Lite & DreamTouch Lite X.

The INTRALOT ICONIC PAVILLION offers during NASPL a thrilling experience and gives the visitors the opportunity to learn more about INTRALOT’s next-generation solutions designed to support Lotteries’ step to their digital future by focusing on innovative solutions and advanced technological offerings.