INTRALOT Canvas is an innovative 'all-in-one' Content Management System that allows operators to centrally manage content distribution for multiple game verticals across all sales channels. It helps deliver a unified and highly personalized player experience based on gamer profiles and historical data.

Featuring embedded software tools, such as analytics and SEO, along with an elegant and user-friendly interface, Canvas transcends standard CMS capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of today’s modern online operations. Driven by the convergence of player interaction and game-play models, Canvas offers lotteries and gaming organizations a significant competitive advantage while delivering a highly entertaining experience to end users.

Designed as a multi-tool, Canvas is the ideal solution for operators who wish to optimally market their offerings and effortlessly meet their operational needs, without having to rely on third-party systems. Using the platform’s advanced and intuitive dashboard to take full advantage of its multiple smart tools and modules, gaming organizations can minimize the time required to respond to market demands and achieve significant cost savings.

As a true omnichannel CMS, Canvas supports intuitive channel navigation and delivers a unique and highly entertaining player experience on any device and across all channels. This includes responsive desktop and mobile-optimized portals, native mobile applications as well as specialized Self-Service and Retailer Terminal portals for all gaming verticals.


For more demanding interfaces, like Digital Signage and Retailer Terminals design, Canvas is enhanced with specified and customized features listed below:

Canvas Retailer

Maximizing simplicity, empowering flexibility


Canvas Signage

Creating engaging retail experiences