The lightning-fast terminal

Designed to revolutionize Lottery and Betting retail operations, PhotonX is the market’s most powerful and best-performing gaming terminal, awarded as “Lottery Product of the Year” at the IGA's Awards 2020.

Camera Technology
Uses cutting-edge patented ICON digital camera technology, ensuring the easiest, fastest and most accurate, bottleneck-free playslip/ticket scanning ever.

Processing “powerhouse”
Incorporates a range of scalable, state-of-the-art processor and memory options that speed up operations, while optimizing power consumption.

Multimedia Capabilities
Offers advanced multimedia capabilities to simultaneously drive two additional multimedia screens (Full HD and 4K) and fully meet Lottery digital signage needs, without using supplementary equipment.

Modular Design
Built on a modular architecture, it is extremely flexible, offering full access to the terminal’s main modules for installation, service, maintenance and everyday use, with minimal effort and no special tools needed.

Reliable & Maintenance-free
Integrates top-quality electronics and a solid-state hard drive. Uses camera technology with no moving parts, making the terminal resistant to wear and tear, regardless of workload or environmental conditions. Features a maintenance-free concept, reducing operating costs and ensuring consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

Usability & Ergonomics
Employs an adjustable, 15-inch-wide touchscreen with excellent responsiveness and great clarity under any lighting condition. All functions are activated with a single touch or a sweep of the hand. Thanks to its ergonomic, C-shaped form that features curved surfaces and rounded edges and corners, PhotonX offers maximum comfort and ensures effortless everyday use. Additionally, PhotonX comes with a multitude of on-board peripherals for added functionality with reduced wiring.

Security & Integrity
Incorporates an extensive set of hardware and software security and integrity features to protect retailers and Lottery operators from unauthorized access.


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